Red Molly are among a select few whom I've begged to do a show in Lubec. The other girl group is "Les Hay Babies." Ok, maybe not begged - perhaps just humbled myself with a "pleeeeeze!" and got the old "talk to our manager" routine. Seriously, RM did get to Eastport (intro photo) and my CD is autographed by Molly Ventor with a "Fred - bring us back to Maine!" inscription so it's not like we didn't try. Le Hay Babies have been close - we talked about it in St Andrews when I first met them and again at Steve Peers' place in Ellsworth. But then they were off to Europe and that was that. For now, at least.

Here's a photo of the original Mollies with Carolann Solebello and George Wirth doing "Old Dancin' Fool." I suspect this photo is by Brenda Wirth. Back story on Carolann Solebello's profile.

The rest of this is from the Mollie's newsletter, to which you can subscribe on their site -

Of course, these days Laurie, Molly, and Abbie are all doing various online things so I'll include their web sites as well, where you can find ways to support their endeavors.

Abbie Gardner

Laurie MacAllister

Molly Venter (pending...)