I met Al and Amy long ago at a lakefront concert in Columbia, Maryland and have been trying to get them to Maine since I moved here. They live in a paradise of their own though, and with their domestic and wild animal friends, it's not easy for them to travel. In the meantime, visit them online where you'll find videos, CDs, news and you can sign up for their Newsletter and find out about upcoming streaming concerts. Also enjoy Amy's wildlife videos on her Fairview Crittercams YouTube Channel. Here's an excerpt from a recent newsletter and video - be sure to check ou the Keep Music Live Project:
I'm thinking we could all use some light-hearted fun right around now.
Hence today's posting of HAMMOCK BEARS - Video 5!
 Spring is right around the corner.
Before long, the bear cubs, bobcat kittens, and fox kits will be cavorting in front of my trail cameras again. I can hardly wait.
It is my passion and my pleasure to offer you a curated collection of critter capers. I hope these videos will bring you a smile or two during the difficult months ahead.
A partnership to connect us all - Keep Music Live Project

The pandemic has already turned out to be an enormous hardship for performing artists. Performance opportunities for musicians have completely collapsed. Physical isolation is the right thing to do, but we all have a need for community, and musicians need work.
Our response is to take Streamside Concerts online. We have partnered with Acoustic Journeys concert series, Dream Guitars, Fretboard Journal, Deb Cornish Audio, and Asheville Music School to bring live shows online. You will be able to watch a show online from the comfort and safety of home, interact (via chat) with other viewers, and contribute to the artists via PayPal, Venmo (or other pay platform) as you would if you were attending a physical show. I hope this will give us a sense of connection as well as have a way to help sustain musicians through this crisis.