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The Rough & Tumble, aka Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler, and Mud Puddle and Magpie Mae, their dogs, whom I haven't learned to tell apart, showed up on my doorstep around Mother's Day of 2019. Well, they did let me know they were coming, and I'm not sure I have a doorstep, but whatever - it was a grand occasion. They rocked the Lubec Brewing Company. I had Scott Ainslie and Slaid Cleaves booked for Mother's Day Weekend, so we chose Tuesday for R&T's house concert. That proved to be not such a good idea - only two of us came - but we were treated to premiers of several of R&Ts new songs and had a great time. 

Scott & Mallory are a creative, energetic couple and always producing new fun stuff. I was going to list all the attractions but that would be more work than I'm used to, and anyway it's always changing. Visit the R&T web site - - and sign up on their penpal list so you don't miss anything. Double Americana, Ruffles & Tum Tums and their other regular features will lift your spirits - guaranteed!