- Dana and Susan have been a big hit. Well, there was that time I inadvertantly booked them opposite the Black Fly Ball but let's not talk about that. The 50th anniversary of the FDR bridge at Stockford Park was great fun. Well, maybe not for Dana. The fog was thick - only the first pier of the bridge was visible - and Dana had to give up on the fiddle. The bow was too soggy to generate friction. 

On their first visit, I think it was the Perseid meteor shower was in full swing. We found a nice dark spot to watch and we enjoyed a great show. Carl Royer of "My Favorite Things" in Calais recommended the Robinsons. They did a "Music on the Green" concert in Calais as well. And yes, I owe Dana for pointing out to me that my "mandolin" was actually a mandola. It's been much easier to tune since then. Still can't play it, but at least it's in tune sometimes.

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