Slaid's friend and collaborator Rod Picott introduced me to Slaid, though it took many years for me to get him to the Gallery. He packed the place and brought people from all over Maine and New Brunswick. I just received this announcement from Slaid's newsletter and since the event is tomorrow, I want to get it up before I eat dinner!

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Hey everybody,

It's time to gear up for the monthly live stream.  We'll be going live Sunday evening 8pm (Eastern Time) in conjunction with the venerable Club Passim on July 26th.

This month, you can choose to watch via Passim's Facebook or Slaid's Official YouTube page.  Both links are also up on the Tour Page.  

Slaid's been putting together a set of crowd favorites (Breakfast in Hell, Lydia) and deep cuts (Streets of Laredo, Another Man's Wealth), all requests, and Karen's looking forward to sitting in on the live chat. We hope you can join us.

Karen & Slaid