In a life of wonderful experiences, it's hard for me to imagine any as great and fulfilling as my ten years promoting music in Lubec. I hope it's not over, but it will definitely be on a smaller scale. In any case, I want to thank all the great musicians and great friends who have performed at Crow Town Gallery, Cobscook Community Learning Center and other venues, and I hope this "Gallery" will supply some memories to their audiences as well. Without the latter nothing would have happened. To speed up the process, I'll add more musicians with minimal prose and links to their sites etc.

We're just getting started in shifting the music community to an online existence. Even when the pandemic subsides, we will not be the same. As is often said, the "music business" is an oxymoron. How we put a price tag on art, how artists manage to make a living while their work is given away as never before, and especially now, when live gigs have almost disappeared, are just some of the questions that we need to answer. For starters, I'm just putting this page together in hope that you will follow the links, attend their online performances, buy their CDs, and, I hope, participate in a dialog on how to ensure that the arts, which we need so much to keep us human, survive and flourish.

We need the performance, visual, written... all of the creative arts, yet it is easy to forget that without the living, breathing, human beings who work so hard to produce the experiences which fulfill us, we are nothing but beasts, searching for our next meal.

The current display is only a fraction of the performers who have come to Lubec and shared their gift. I hope to add articles, discussion and such - I have in mind a focused, non-commercial forum as well. Sign up for the newsletter so you'll be informed. I'll re-open member registration when I've secured and tested it thoroughly.