State of the InnerWeb

With many of my friends doing streaming concerts, seminars, and other social distancing activities, I wanted to remind you all to pay close attention to the security features of whatever platform you are using. There are a lot of really nasty people out there with nothing to do but make trouble.

Zoom in particular has had security vulnerabilities and one of my friends just had a presentation ruined. Zoom recently updated their SW with better security features so before you use it again, make sure you have passwords enabled and in general have your presentation buttoned down. Don't take anything for granted - every platform is different and they all have vulnerabilities if you don't use them carefully.

Our "connectedness" is more important than ever now. As with health precautions, the health of our virtual interactions is dependent on each of us being "mindful" of what we're doing and vigilant in protecting ourselves from the viruses, germs, and general nasties - human and otherwise.

Especially if you're in Maine, you might want to visit the page I maintain for Lubec regarding network matters - There are links to organizations and entities dedicated to improve our connectivity and other such matters.